9/28/16 – Independent Catalyst became TekSpark

Independent Catalyst LLC proudly announced that it would be officially rebranded as TekSpark as of October 1st, 2016.


We’re evolving.  Our heritage as a provider of experienced independent contractors for systems projects will continue, but we’re expanding to offer more:

More full-time resources: Our team of internal consultants is growing.  We’re investing in more full-time employees, allowing us to provide both employee-led and contractor-based project teams to meet clients’ needs.

More service offerings: TekSpark will continue to provide a deep pool of experienced Project Managers and Analysts who can implement leading Human Capital Management, Financials and Supply Chain applications.  As we grow, we’ll also offer:

  • Digital/App Development Project Managers and Analysts
  • Project Management for popular SaaS platform projects

What will change for our clients? 

Our ongoing services will continue, as will our flexible, collaborative style. The legal entity will remain, and existing contracts won’t be disrupted. Future client engagements will include:

  • New branding and/or company names on correspondence
  • New email addresses for your former Independent Catalyst contacts
  • An increasingly deep team
  • A robust partner able to support more types of projects

We thank you for your business to date, and look forward to being the “spark” that continues to move your business systems projects forward.  For more information on our full suite of services, visit here, or reach out to us with any questions via the contact information on our team page.




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