Growing Pains


A multi-billion dollar global pharmaceutical manufacturer was relying on a leading Human Capital Management package to support its core HR systems for 35,000 employees. Changes to the company were stressing the system, and it wasn’t delivering the value it should.


TekSpark managed efforts to implement changes to the system and the organization to address the biggest trouble spots, worldwide. Our client trusted us to oversee internal and external teams, including a leading global integrator, to ensure they delivered what was promised, on-time, on budget, and with quality. Not all changes were easy for stakeholders to absorb, but as issues arose, TekSpark dealt with them honestly and transparently. The improved solution ensured better employee engagement and increased satisfaction.


For 20 years, we’ve implemented leading global software platforms and SaaS solutions spanning HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Commercial and Marketing functions. We’ve done it for small, local private sector customers, and we’ve done it for multi-billion dollar enterprises. Each client has different goals, and we flex to your needs. We’re ready to help you through whatever path lies ahead.